Run, walk or complete miles
to support the more than
One million people living with
Multiple Sclerosis
in Europe

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Are you a keen a fitness enthusiast looking for a challenge, or someone who wants to improve or start to live an active life and looking to fundraise for a cause? If so, then the event is for you!

Whether it’s along a stunning coastline, or on your own home, favorite streets, trails, parks, work place, shopping mall or grocery store - your ‘One Million Steps’ or '500 Miles' Challenge for a million people affected by MS can be an unforgettable experience for you– with your friends, family, co-workers as you can join as a team or just do it yourself and have an amazing sense of achievement.

 “Act as if what you do makes a difference, because It does.”- William James celebrated American Philosopher.

Where your money goes?

EMSP projects

To develop European projects fighting for access to high-quality equitable treatment, care and employment. Enhance patient involvement in research and data collection and influence European policies with evidence to meet the needs of people affected by MS in Europe.

Keep people with MS in work

To raise awareness for providing better access to employment and social care to people with MS, highlighting the value of work to people with chronic illnesses. We provide resources for people with MS,  employers, healthcare professionals and decision-makers to overcome the challenges in the workplace.


To empower member organisations and young people living with MS in Europe, so that they can bring together the MS community, advocate and raise awareness of the disease at the national level.